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Welcome To Lama Adventure

Lama Adventure Treks & Expedition would like to welcome you all to Nepal, the fascinating land of the Himalayas with its vast diversity of flora and fauna many of which are endemic to the country itself.

Lama Adventure Treks and Expedition is a duly established company and flexibility in its area of work namely trekking and organizing expeditions in the country.  It is dedicated to a high standard of services that responds to the specific needs of its valued clients that choose Nepal as their destination.

As adventure traveling broadens the mind, we have taken into consideration all the various facets related to it so that we can deliver quality services to our valued clients.

All the trips have been prepared with utmost care and focus on awareness of the environmental issues and by generating funds from our services to conduct community development project in Nepal aimed at improving health and sanitation, education status and other related sector for the socio-economic development of the local area concerned.

We would like to assure you that no compromise is made for the service that we offer. Our highly skilled staff and good office management would work towards giving you that best of experiences during your sojourn in Nepal.

I am confident that by choosing our company and talking full advantage of its extensive facilities, experience and excellent trip and their best possible management will ensure you of meeting your travelling objectives.

Beside the tailor-made programs and the specific ones mentioned in this brochure. We are prepared to provide you with any further information that you might need. Please feel free to ask for any assistance that you might need.

I look forward to meeting you at lama Adventure Treks and Expedition soon.

Thank you and welcome to you again.

Santa B. Lama
Managing Director
Lama Adventure Treks and Expedition
Kathmandu, Nepal


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