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With the motive of promoting Nepal as one of the prestigious tourist destinations in the world, Lama Adventures has been helping people from around the world explore this mystic land for the past 28 years.

We try to give back to our community as much as possible. The funds generated from our trips are used to regulate community development projects aimed to improve health and sanitation, education status and socio-economic sector of our country.

2038/2039 BS (1980/81 AD):

Initiated an education program Kartike-Deurali V.D.C 1 by providing Rs.150 per teacher and conducting classes in a cow shed which was later upgraded to Sunkoshi Jr. School in 2005 A.D.

Mr.Santa Bir Lama started many green plantation programs, health and water projects in his birthplace.

2045/2046 BS (1989/1990AD):

Established a private health post for rural people. Also, founded HECC (Health and Education Concern Center)

Established a water sanitation project in Kartike-Deurali, Kavrepalanchowk

Constructed a health post in Kavre in collaboration with the Japanese Jaycees ( Yanago City)


2051/2052 BS (1995-1996AD):

Forest Plantation Program in collaboration with HEEC (Health and Education Concern Center, Health and Associations Japan-Nepal, Human Development Association, Nepal Government).

Started NESA (Nepal Education Support Association) and Vocational Training for women. NESA also helped build 26 School. NESA also provided training and aid for "Sankatkal - Nepalese Civil War" victim.


2056 BS (2000 AD):
Established Primary School (Balkalyan Prabhidik School) at Kartike-Deurali, Kavrepalanchowk-1 in collaboration with Hattori Groups – Nayoga City. He also laid the foundations for Shree Mahendra Madyamik School.

2058 BS (2002 AD):
Founding Member of Lions Club –Kathmandu Star. Has been appointed President two times and advisor for Dist. 225 A1


2059/2060 BS (2003/2004 AD):
Inaugurated Shree Mahendra Madhyamik School in Kavrepalanchowk.
Initiated computer education in Banepa City.

2061 BS (2005 AD):
Started Sunkoshi Junior School in the same cow farm.
Established Sunkosi Junior School in Kavrepalanchowk. Mr. Nariko Asidhachi provided great help in this project.


2066 BS (2010 AD):
Supported numerous schools and campuses to promote quality education.

2069 BS (2013 AD):
Started Shree Prabha Multiple Campus in a remote village in Kavrepalanchowk. He has also been appointed the Management Committee Chairman of Prabha Multiple Campus.

Provided several aids to people during the 2015 Earthquake Disaster.


Besides these contributions, he’s also the first person to provide a good health care service in the rural areas of Kavre through Rural Health Service and Education.

Mr. Santa Bir Lama has also donated land for construction of Dhulikhel Hospital.


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